Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Travelling around Australia.......

Australia is not only a great country to pursue your higher education but also a great place to enjoy your vacation. I still have a vague memory of how Australia used to promote tourism about 10-15 years ago when I was a little girl. I used to be fascinated by the advertisements that showed beautiful beaches, landscapes, wildlifes etc in Australia (I specially remember Kangaroos) which sort of created a desire in me to visit Australia but it was not any sort of serious intention, I was too young. Anyways, be it destiny or my innocent childhood desire, I got to come to Australia and I must say I am quite enjoying my time here. I have done fair bit of travelling around Australia but still have lot more to see as it's such a beautiful country.
I want to make this a picture blog so not going to write much but post some pictures that I took as I travelled around.

Here they are, Enjoy!

The iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Sydney

NYE fireworks at the Harbour Bridge,Sydney

Bare Island, La Perouse, Sydney

Great Ocean Drive, Melbourne

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Melbourne City as seen from the tallest building in the city

Sunset at Dockland, Melbourne

7 Apostles, Great Ocean Drive

Strawberry picking at Sorrell Farm, Tasmania

Glimpse of 18th century village at Soveregin Hill, Ballarat

Tasmania Port

7 miles beach, Tasmania

View of Hobart from Mt Wellington,Tasmania

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