Friday, August 27, 2010

Assignment Week!

Thank God this week is finally over! This was the most hectic week of my student life at CQUniversity; the reason being is my assignments!!! Out of four courses that I took this semester, 3 of my assignments were due this week. I know it sounds totally crazy but it's true.
Assignments are important part of your course as they not only assess you on your course progress but also contribute towards (usually 30%-40%) your final exam. Hence it's really important to do your assignment properly and hand it in on the due date. Being aware of this, I had to work really hard to complete them on time as I didn't start working on them as early as I should.

We get to know everything about the course we are studying from the course profile, which we have access to before classes start. Having said this, I knew what my assignments were and their due dates at the very beginning. Despite knowing the fact that I have to struggle to get all three assignments done in one go, I still left it to the last minute. Well, good students or let's say responsible students start working on their assignments couple of weeks before the due date and lazy students like me, do it only couple of days before the due date but let me tell you that there are some, who start the night before or even same day. To be honest, I have fallen into the 3rd category couple of times myself and it's super stressing. Each time I went though that stress, I would make a promise to myself that next semester I will be more responsible and start drafting my assignments on time but this has never happened till date and it's my last semester now. Anyways the point is, you go through lot of stress when you leave your assignments to the last minute as they are not that easy to do, it involves lots of research and detailing which is very hard to accomplish in short time. I strongly recommend all the students to be bit more proactive and responsible towards doing their assignment on time. (please don't be like me)

After going through all that stress of completing three assignments this week I seriously consider bringing some change in my habit of putting things off till last minute. Nevertheless, it's the end that matters and of course the results!!!!


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