Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mr & Miss Teen Nepal Australia (TNA) 2010......... the Event Night

As mentioned in my previous blog, Last Saturday I went to TNA 2010, a Nepalese teen talent hunt show that was held in Marana Auditorium, Hurstville, Sydney. I attended the event because the idea of such a show sounded great to me as I had always admired talent shows and beauty pageants on TV but never watched it live. On top of everything, this show represented Nepal in a way and who doesn't want to be part of a show that represents the place you belong to.
The event was quite successful as it was jam packed with Nepalese crowd living in Sydney and they thoroughly enjoyed the show. Let me tell you that if you are away from your motherland and somehow you happen to be a part of a show or anything that represents your country, it's the best feeling ever for anyone regardless your nationality.
Uh.......I got carried away like everybody else I guess......Getting back to the show, this kind of talent hunt for Nepalese teens was organised for the first time in Australia. I assume a lot of young girls and boys had participated in the other rounds of the contest before 19 finalists were selected for the Grand Finale Show. The participants of the contest were impressive, some being truly talented, I was quite amazed to see them perform and speak in front of the audience with so much confidence as most of them were about 13-15 years old. There were also some guests performances by other artists who I believe were frequent performers in this kind of shows that made the event even more entertaining.
I believe any show or competition that brings the hidden talents inside a community is a champion effort and should be highly recognized & supported. This world is full of genuine talents; we don't even know how many Pele and Michael Jackson are still hidden amongst us. Anyone who even tries to hunt for such talent is doing a great job as you never know who they might come across. The teen talents chosen today can do so much more in their future because of this platform provided to them today and that one surge of confidence coming from within. I greatly appreciate the organizers work and effort in bringing the Nepalese community together and also showcasing the talents of young Nepalese teens among the community and not to forget the charitable cause behind the event...... .....Kudos to Drishti Team!

The hunt should always be on, hope the organizers come up with many more events like this in near future.

Check out the links below:

http://www.nepalmelbourne.com/ – for list of other title winners

http://nepalitimes.com.au/index.php?action=eventDetail&SID=71 – for glimpse of the event

NB- I would especially like to thank Mr. Rabindra Kumar Sharma, Marketing Manager of Unique International College Granville ( who is also one of the sponsors of the show) for giving me an opportunity to witness a great show like this!

BTW i didn't take these pics!

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  1. Wish CQUniversity would organize something like this !!!!!

  2. The Drishti Team is the best .....in Sydney........^_^

  3. i knw ayy raju i miss it alot had loads of fun cheers :)