Friday, August 20, 2010

Are you well informed????

Life is full of small and big challenges; there is no doubt about this. As an international student, these challenges cross your way quite often esp. when you are about to begin your life in a new country on your own . Keeping yourself well informed about everything that you require to begin your life in a strange land, is absolutely important and I can say this from my own experience. As I had already experienced how it is like to live on my own in a totally new surrounding before coming to Australia, it helped me a lot when i moved here. But again, every country is different and lifestyle changes accordingly.
Being up to date with information won’t harm but can help in many ways, and nowadays it's way too easy to access information, everything is just a Google away. Having information about few things mentioned below can come handy for any students coming to Australia; at least for me it would have been if i had known before moving here.

I have linked few websites so that you can find all the relevant information.

1. Tax File Number

- required before starting work

2. Public Transportation

- know your way around....... check fares,.......avoid cabs........ no discount in fare for international students:( (transport info in NSW, don't be lazy to search for links for other states)

3. Banking

get an idea about how banking is done....... about different types of accounts........ savings etc - Commonwealth Bank - St George Bank - National Australia Bank (These are just few there are heaps)

4. Accommodation

not easy to find......expensive....... look for different option available - for SYD

5. Jobs

again not very easy to find but got to keep looking - for SYD


Phone plans can get tricky.... best option for student is to go for prepaid plans.... bring your own handset(GSM) from home country to save money


If you are a shopaholic like me, your are going to get so tempted .......don't spend too much money at the is best to bring whatever you can from your home only what is absolutely necessary!!!
www........... - sorry guys no links for now!

Well, these are only few among lots of other information that you need to know if you are coming to Australia an international student. Of course there is no need to literally know each and everything as you'll start knowing them as you come and start living here. To be honest i wasn't well informed about most of the things and i still managed to survive pretty well, but the fact can't be denied that these information can make life easier to some extent for most of the international students, who are all set to come to Australia.

Good Luck!

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