Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celebrating Culture!!!

Cultural festival – sounds like a very good idea of having fun while you get to know more about some other part of the world. These festivals are always bit fancy and fantasy like as you get to experience something you might not have seen or experienced before. A preset idea of these cultural festivals in my mind is a crowded event with people from everywhere,plentiful of food stalls, different types of cultural programmes for entertainment, a lot of information stalls and some marketing companies trying to lure people into business. I reckon if you breakdown the facts of every cultural or international festival it’s the stalls and their presentation that make it a successful or unsuccessful event.
We all know that Australia is one of the most prominent multicultural countries in the world. You can just walk down any street and will find at least ten different people representing ten different backgrounds. This stat is bit exaggerated but it’s kind of true. Every now and then there are various festivals and events happening with a different representation like Chinese New Year Italian food festival, Australia- India friendship day, etc. It’s like you name something and we have a festival for that. Now this is the real beauty of living in a multicultural society, you get to celebrate everything in the world.
To maintain this trend of celebrating culture, NRN Australia, Nepalese Community Associations and Nepalese Embassy is jointly organising a cultural event which is named Nepal Festival 2010. This event will be proudly hosted in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on different dates. Well, I am more interested in the one that is going to be held in Sydney as I live here. This festival in set to take place in our very cool Darling Harbour, on 4th September 2010, which is this Saturday. I am really excited to attend this festival mainly for two reasons. First is obvious, as me being a Nepalese away from Nepal, I love to celebrate my culture in every possible way and secondly I’ll be representing my University in the event. As CQUniversity is one of the sponsors of this event, we will be putting up an information stall for the festival attendees. I feel good about the fact that my university is supporting a cultural programme about my country. I am really looking forward to it and hope it’s going to be a very successful and fun event.

More details on facts and features about the event can be found here:


  1. I am too keen to attend this festival....and thanks to u for the info. Hey Keep up the good work...

  2. Even I being the Nepali and your Uni mate too keen to be in this festival....and meeting you for sure. See u there :)