Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crazy Weather.....Crazy Week

It's just Thursday and I already feel like writing a review about my week, maybe because I want this week to end quicker. It's the 4th week of the semester and feels like course is getting ahead of me, moreover; work load seems to be increasing at my job and on top of that, the weather is just acting crazy. It's been raining all week since Saturday, yes everyday.The days are cold and gloomy with almost no Sunshine, never thought that weather in Sydney could go this wrong.
I don't hate rainy seasons but I just don't like when it rains while I'm on the road. It is not convenient to travel to work or University esp when you have to catch a public transport. Everything gets so messy and I start to get a little grumpy....

Read an article today in MX(free newspaper for commuters)on a research done about people being grumpy on Thursdays and I kind of agree with the research. Sometimes, i do have bad moods on Thursdays, though had quite a few this week and I blame the crazy weather for it.

Oh well, we can't always have bright and sunny days like the way we can't always have good moods. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get but still hope for the best. Similarly, I hope tomorrow will be a better day with better weather and above all, it's Friday. It's the day when we start to become happier, silly but true and not only I say so, but the research has revealed it as well.


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