Friday, July 16, 2010


Friday nite party pics!!!!!

After a hectic week, finally it's Friday. I never really used to look forward for weekends before as much as I do now. Life can get really busy when you are working & studying and of course you have to take care of your cooking, cleaning, washing, run errands........ the list goes on. Doesn't sound too appealing, does it? Especially boys might be thinking, hmm.... should i really go overseas to study??? Relax guys , it's not as difficult as it sound . You just have to learn time management skills (only if you don't have some), have bit of patience and everything can be done without too much hassle. But yes, you do get stressed at times and really look forward for that 2 days off in a week. By the time it's Friday, you already start to feel relaxed, i do.

I am not a party animal but i do like to go out once in a while,(esp Friday nites) have couple of drinks and hit the dance floor(love dancing). Sydney has an awesome nightlife and some of the best clubs that I've ever been to. With plenty of clubs and bars around, you'll definitely find one that you will enjoy going to and that you can afford as well. Most of the clubs have free entry all night or before 10pm so you don't really have to have loads of money to party and have fun. For me clubbing is indeed one of the best ways to chill & add some spice in your life, at the same time you can socialize with friends or colleagues and even make new friends. As Rihana said, you gotta get your body moving, shake the stress away.............. I completely agree with that:)

Happy weekend folks!

P.S. Check out the link below to get bit of an idea about Sydney's Night Life

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